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Welcome to Vincent J. Gallagher Middle School

Home of the Wolf Pack

Our Mission Statement
The mission of Vincent J. Gallagher Middle School’s staff, students, parents, and community members is to empower all students to become responsible, productive, and compassionate citizens by challenging them with complex and engaging learning experiences culminating in a deep, insightful understanding of their role as lifelong learners in the global society.

Principal's Message:                                          
                 “The vision of the leader is the hope of the pack.”

The wolf pack is symbolic of our middle school philosophy where we strive to work as a team to accomplish our mission. As our motto eloquently states, “The power of the wolf is in the pack.” Each student is as strong as the pack is strong. We must work together to create a pack characterized by an innate ability to care for one another, a desire to collaborate to complete tasks, a commitment to the survival of the pack, an understanding of one’s role in the pack, and the desire to lead the pack when needed.

As the elders of the pack, the administration, faculty, and staff of Gallagher Middle School have the task of guiding the younger wolves in our pack by providing them with the experiences and opportunities to develop into strong, healthy, and powerful wolves. As the leader of the pack, it is my responsibility to create the best path possible for our pack and guide us along at an appropriate pace knowing when to work, play, and rest.   
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