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National Junior Honor Society

We are thrilled to have become a chapter member of the National Junior Honor Society.  Membership in the NJHS is one of the highest honors awarded to a middle school student.  Our chapter strives to give practical meaning to the Society's standards of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  These five pillars are the basis of selection.

Membership is more than an honor.  It is an ongoing responsibility and an obligation to continue to demonstrate these outstanding qualities that result in a student's selection.

Students in grade seven will be informed of their eligibility for membership after the first semester.  Students who achieve a cumulative weighted grade point average of 90 or higher are informed of their eligibility for membership.  Those eligible students must decide to pursue membership by submitting all components of the application process.  Only those students who complete all components of the application process by the designated due dates will be considered for membership.

The 2016-2017 induction ceremony will be Wednesday, June 7th beginning at 7:00pm.  Inductees will need to arrive for 6:30pm.


Chapter Advisors:

Mr. Geoffrey St. Sauveur, Mathematics Teacher, gst [dot] sauveur [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org

Mrs. Barbara Smith-White, School Counselor, bsmith-white [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org


2016-2017 Dates:

February 9, 2017    Eligible seventh grade students notified
     Due to snow days, this will occur on Monday, February 13th.

February 16, 2017  Letter of Intent to Pursue Due

March 16, 2017      Essay Due

April 6, 2017         Teacher References Due*

                               *Please note: Students will pick up their references on April 4th and April 6th only.

April 27, 2017        Leadership Roles and Student Activities Forms Due

May 11, 2017         Service Activities Form Due

May 24, 2017         Students Notified of Membership

June 7, 2017         Induction Ceremony