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Garnet Team Homework

 Welcome to the Garnet Team homework page.  Parents should assume that students will have homework each school night.  In order to help with that, this page serves as a supplementary guide to allow both parents and students to check up on the student's daily homework.  This site is updated on a daily basis by the Garnet Team teachers.  This site does not replace the need for the student to be resposible and record his/her homework each day (preferably in their planner).  Also, please note that homework may be assigned in the Google Classroom for each subject, so it may not always appear on this page.

Homework for:  Friday, April 13, 2018


Mrs. Detri - English/Language Arts: 

  • READ over vacation!!!


Mr. St. Sauveur - Math/Algebra I



Mrs. McCurdy - Science

 Complete "How do scientists know what is inside Earth?" for Thursday


*******************You can access the science book online!************************

Go to:     

                       user name: classmccurdy

                       password: student1


Mr. Almeida - American History


DUE ON THURSDAY 4/12: Remainder of completed gameboard scenario cards that have not been yet graded. These are cards that Mr. Almeida did not help you write or were already graded last week by Mr. A.

DO NOT CUT CARDS OUT TO BE CARD SIZED! Just print the card on the entire page directly from your google doc. 

These cards must be: 1) double spaced & use minimum size 14 font

                                   2) printed-out on paper & stapled together 

                                   3) must have your name & section on them