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Onyx Team Homework


Math --- Language Arts --- Science --- Social Studies 



No More Homework.




Monday 6/04: Vocabulary/Literary Term Unit Test Tomorrow

Tuesday 6/05:  Review Newsela Article

Wednesday 6/06: Comprehension Questions

Thursday 6/07: Argument Essays and Unit Tests must all be submitted/completed by the end of day Friday.

Friday 6/08: Have a nice weekend!  Next week is the last week of school!

Read 30 minutes every night. 

cthomas [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org




Monday June 4  Finish boundary diagrams for tomorrow.

Late projects.


TUESDAY June 5  Finish pineapple graph.


WEDNESDAY June 6 Tectonic plate lab due tomorrow.


THURSDAY June 7  Finish final portfolio pages for tomorrow to be stapled in class.




akaighin [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org




Homework every night is to discuss classroom topics at home.  Most work is done in school, and if there is any written homework, it is usually to complete classwork.

For specific information on the daily classwork and assignments, please check the Google Classroom Stream.