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Onyx Team Homework

Math --- Language Arts --- Science --- Social Studies 



Monday, October 15

Classes A & B: 7th grade M.3 Problem & Process

Classes F & G: 7th grade K.2  Show evidence


Tuesday, October 16

Classes A & B: finishNYS L5 S.19/S.20 (front & back)

Classes F & G: 7th grade K.7  Show evidence


Wednesday, October 17

Classes A & B: NYS L8 S.30

Classes F & G: K.5

*QUIZ Friday on Proportional Relationships and their Tables, Graphs, and Equations (7.RP.A.2a, 7.RP.A.2b, 7.RP.A.2c


Thursday, October 18

Classes A & B: NYS L8 S.31 

Classes F & G:  Study for 25-point QUIZ on Proportional Relationships and their Tables, Graphs, and Equations (7.RP.A.2a, 7.RP.A.2b, 7.RP.A.2c


Friday, October 19 

Classes A & B: NYS L8 S.32

Classes F & G:  no homework



*Bring your independent reading book to class daily & continue reading at home nightly to work towards your quarterly independent reading requirement!

Monday 10/15: Continue working on Independent Reading / Finish "Oranges" Summary if not done in class

*Book Review Brainstorm due Friday 10/19

Tuesday 10/16: Finish "Oranges" Discussion Questions if not done in class.

Wednesday 10/17: Mood and Tone Worksheet (Cite textual evidence)

Thursday 10/18: Complete the Inferences EdPuzzle (link in Google Classroom). 

Check the Portal for missing assignments - must be completed in order to play Jeopardy tomorrow!

Friday 10/19: Study for the "Oranges" Quiz on Monday 10/22.

alavallee [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org




MONDAY 10/15

 1. Scope bubble sheet

2. Start to study for microscope quiz on Friday

3. How a scope magnifies


1. STUDY for microscope quiz FRIDAY.  You must pass the quiz before using the scopes. 



1. STUDY for quiz on Friday.

2. Copy (handwrite) care of and use of a microscope section form the paper given in class. 



1. STUDY for quiz tomorrow on microscopes.  Be able to label a diagram of a scope, know all the parts and functions, calculate magnification and how to properly use, adjust and carry a microscope. You have many sheets (notes, diagram, magnification and practice sheets) to use to study. 


FRIDAY  10/19  NO HOMEWORK!!!  Remember lab 107 all next week for microscopes.



akaighin [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org




Homework every night is to discuss classroom topics at home.  Most work is done in school, and if there is any written homework, it is usually to complete classwork.

For specific information on the daily classwork and assignments, please check the Google Classroom Stream.