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Sapphire Team Homework



3/23: Finish the questions for "The Bone Wars."

3/17: 5 Journal Entries plus map due Monday.  Make sure each entry is dated and is at least one paragraph long.  Check that each entry is typed from your musher's point of view.

3/15: Finish updating your map for your musher. Complete Journal Entry 4 (one paragraph minimum = ~6CS).

3/10: Finish your second journal entry from your musher's point of view.  All journal entries are to be typed in your Google doc in Classroom.

3/8: Complete hw in Google doc in Classroom.  Research and choose one musher to follow.  Type this musher's name, bib number, and at least a 4-sentence explanation as to why you chose this person.

3/6: Choose 5 mushers to follow in the Iditarod. Write their names down.  

2/28: Due Thursday: Read "Joe Redington, Sr" article in ELA Reading Room.  Complete 5 interesting bullet points on paper given out in class.



We will be using colored pencils and glue sticks frequently in math class. It would be great if you could bring these items with you to math class:o)

Monday, 3/6

Study for Benchmark Assessment... Assessment Tomorrow



March 24: An additional test will be given on Tuesday, March 28th.  Study your quiz "Convection and the Mantle" and the packet that was given to you also.   ALL students will take this additional assessment, it is not a "redo".    There will be no retakes.  Quarter ends Mar. 31.   Study!


Monday 3/20: Finish Research on Toamism and Confucianism, Study for Quiz next Monday

Friday- No homework, have a great weekend!

Wednesday 3/15: Review/Finish Notes on Geography of China 

Monday 3/13- Ancient India Timeline Practice

Thursday-Friday  3/9-3/10: Study for GRAPES of India Quiz Monday 

Tuesday 3/7: UPDATE: Friday's quiz will only be on the GRAPES of ancient India, a study guide has been posted on Google Classroom, be sure to look at that to help you! Happy studying 

Monday 3/6: Study for GRAPES of India and China Quiz Friday 

Wednesday 3/1: Continue Research for Gallery Walk Poster, Bring materials/crafts/markers etc. To class to work on your poster Thursday and Friday. 

Monday-Tuesday: None

S.S. Retake Policy:

1. Students who scored under an 80 may retake the assessment to earn up to an 80.

2. Parent signature needed on the original assessment.

3. Students must complete corrections to their original assessment.

4. Study materials must be presented to me when asking for a retake.

5. All work prior to assessment must be completed.