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Sapphire Team Homework

**Please make sure you bring in a silent reading book so you can read after you finish with your RICAS Test. During the testing block, once you are finished with your test the only thing you will be permitted to do is silently read.

LANGUAGE ARTS: At least 20 minutes of reading nightly.

Charge your Chromebook nightly.

Thursday, 4/12: Worksheet 7& 8 due Monday, April 23.

Monday, 4/9: Finish ICE 2 paragraph and color code. On a separate sheet of paper, write 4 adjectives and explanations for: What kind of person is Gary Paulsen? 


Exponents and Order of Operations Quiz on Thursday, 4/12

Wednesday, 04/11

  • Study for Exponents and Order of Operations Quiz... Quiz tomorrow!
  • Use the game in Google Classroom on Order of Operatins to help you study:O)

Tuesday, 04/10

  • Exponents and Order of Operations Practice Sheet. Do the entire Exponents side and only the evens on the Order of Operations side.

Monday, 04/09

  • Lesson 6 Problem Set #'s 1-6

Thursday, 04/05

Watch the MathAntics Video on Order of Operations (Link Below and in Google Classroom)




4.10.18 Salmon Field Trip permission forms due Tuesday, April 24th.  We will complete presentations on Monday when we return from vacation.  Have a GREAT week!



Thursday 4/12: Finish Exit Slip 

Wednesday 4/11: Finish Back of Warm-Up

Tuesday 4/10: Finish Government Comic Strip started in class. 

Monday 4/9: Finish "Government in Ancient Athens" Worksheet started in class. 

Friday 4/6: Any Q4 Missing/Late work due no late than Monday 4/9. Finish Video Response due Monday 

Tuesday 4/3- Thursday 4/5: Finish Final Draft of Greece Storyboard due Friday

Monday 4/2: Finish Draft of Greece Geography Storyboard 

Thursday-Monday: Study for Quick Quiz of the Geography of Ancient Greece on Tuesday

Wednesday 3/28: Finish Ancient Greece: Map Challenge (Be sure to answer questions in Google Doc as well as complete the paper map) 

Tuesday 3/27: None 

Monday 3/26: Finish Handout 2 (If not completed during class)