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Sapphire Team Homework



Tuesday, 4/25: Twinkies vs. Devil Dogs   3 reasons why

Monday, 4/24: Bring a reading book, earbuds or headphones, and a pen/pencil to testing tomorrow. Define "argument."  Name three topics or places where you can use this term.

Tuesday, 4/11: 5 vocab cards due Thursday. Remember to put your initials on each card.

Monday, 4/10: 5 vocab definitions in Classroom doc

Thursday, 4/6: Finish your reflection in your Google doc for Chapter 2 Woodsong.




We will be using colored pencils and glue sticks frequently in math class. It would be great if you could bring these items with you to math class:o)

Monday, 4/24 thru Wednesday, 4/26

Get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast to be ready for PARCC. (Also, don't forget a silent reading book to read after testing:o)



April 24:  No homework.  Rest and eat a good breakfast for PARCC testing tomorrow. 

 April 13: Have a great vacation!    Make up work during vacation, if needed.   

April 11: QUIZ tomorrow.  Reading "Life Cycle of Salmon" in Google Classroom.  Know the "bold faced" words for quiz tomorrow as demonstrated in class today. You will be given a word bank, but need to know the meaning for each word. Use the sentences  (context clues) for meaning.


April 10 Finish salmon journal entry started in class.  Due tomorrow. 

April 5: NO or OWE   If you OWE work, get it done for tomorrow.   If you don't OWE work, then you have No homework.  Enjoy the gorgeous weather!   

April 4: Finish Journal Entry (on separate paper given out in class)  Due tomorrow.   Third quarter refelctions were due today.  Complete yours if you did not already do so!

April 3 Third Quarter Science Reflection due tomorrow

Mar 30  Pros and Cons of HEI.   On a piece of paper, label one column PROS(positive interactions)  of HEI, one column  CONS (negatives) of HEI.  LIst at least 5 examples of human interactions that have an effect on WILD animals.  Use YOUR thinking, not Google! Due tomorrow.


Tuesday 4/11: Complete the Character Comparison Graphic Organizer

 Wednesday 4/12: Finish the Graphic Organizers for Apollo and Medusa (DO NOT complete the paragraphs) ALSO please bring ear buds to team tomorrow. 




S.S. Retake Policy:

1. Students who scored under an 80 may retake the assessment to earn up to an 80.

2. Parent signature needed on the original assessment.

3. Students must complete corrections to their original assessment.

4. Study materials must be presented to me when asking for a retake.

5. All work prior to assessment must be completed.