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Sapphire Team Homework


LANGUAGE ARTS: At least 20 minutes of reading nightly.

Monday, 12/4: Socratic Circle Questions - Write out notes.

Friday, 12/1: Thought Logs due Monday. Themes: "realization," "empathy," "sides," and "Justin."

Monday, 11/27: Revise ccakid article if needed. THOUGHT LOG due next Monday.

Monday, 11/20: Rewrite verb list for Wednesday (45 verbs).

Friday, 11/17: Exactitude of "November" due Wednesday.

Wednesday, 11/15: Finish active reading of ccakid article. 5 interactions with the text are required.

Thursday, 11/9: Review Quote of Day for spelling and punctuation. You should have 10 quotes in all. Highlight strong verbs in "Superflash." 


Wednesday, 12/06

  • Lesson 3 Problem Set #'s 1-8 ( Please make a model for #'s 1-4. You can solve #'s 5-8 however you want)
  • Finish / Double Check "Do Now" #4 #'s 1-30... this should be completed already and just needs to be double checked
  • Tuesday, 12/05
  • Finish and redo all "Do Now's" that are posted in the portal by tomorrow
  • Lesson 3 Exercises 1 and 2 (Be certain to write the expression in unit form and draw a model for both problems)

Monday, 12/04

If you owe any "Do Now's" or have less than 70% on any "Do Now's" that are posted on the portal, please finish / redo them by Wednesday, 12/06

Friday, 12/01

  • Study for quiz on Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers

There will be 4 specific things that will be assessed on each problem... Each problem should have a model, a division expression, a multiplication expression, and an answer with a label:o)

*Practice problems were given to sudents who wanted extra practice before the quiz. There are also notes in the Interative Math Notebooks that should be reviewed to study.

Thursday, 11/30

  • Finish Practice Quiz



12.8.17 Finish Watershed Questions in Google Classroom if you did not complete them on time.   Presentations will continue on Monday. 

12.6.17 Crumpled Paper Watershed Questions in Google Classroom due Friday.   Your group will be presenting your watershed on Friday.

12.5.17 Finish work from centers (Virtual lab, etc.) 

12.4.17  No Homework

12.1.17 No new homework - enjoy your weekend.  Catch up on work if you have been absent and/or owe work!   

11.30.17 Complete questions #5, 6 "Crumpled Paper Watershed"

11.29.17 Finish Vocabulary Word Map "Watershed".  Due tomorrow!

11.28.17 No Homework!   Finish any owed work if you have been absent.

11.27.17 Finish watershed research through "Land Features and Plants" using

11.22.17  Have a great Thanksgiving.  Owed work only (no new homework.)

11.21.17 Water Cycle Quiz tomorrow.   Any late work MUST be turned in tomorrow for credit. 

11.20.17 Finish Blue Traveler: Scientists  Be sure that you have used complete sentences for your facts and spelling is accurate.  Water Cycle Quiz on Wednesday! 

11.17.17 Finish any owed work.  No new homework.  Have a great weekend! 

11.15.17 Finish "Blue Traveler" - Include complete sentences for your facts and detailed, color illustrations.  Due Friday.

11.14.17 Finish Water Cycle Diagram started in class.  Be sure to Label using the checklist!: color, labels, arrows to show direction

11.13.17 Grade Reflection for 1st Quarter Sign and Return due tomorrow.   Finish Vocabulary Cartoon if not turned in yet (was due today!)

11.9.17 Science: Water Cycle Vocabulary Cartoon and Meaningful Sentences due no later than Monday, 11. 13.17

11.7.17 Finish JASON Water Cycle Reading (assigned in    In Google Classroom read and watch Water Cycle Animation.

11.6.17 Finish illustrations and questions for Condensation Lab    Due tomorrow

11.3.17 Lab Questions were due today.  Complete them over the weekend if needed and turn in on Monday.

11.2.17 Complete Lab Questions 1 and 2 on the bottom of the Lab paper we used in class today. 

10.31.17 Have fun and be safe if you are going out tonight! 

10.27.17 No homework.  Enjoy the weekend.  Complete any owed work nolater than MONDAY!  

10.26.17  Test tomorrow.  Bring a pen, charged chromebook and a calculator.   Finish studying tonight!!

10.25.17 Test on Friday.  Continue studying.  Use "Science Reading Room" (which includes study guide) as well as all other materials on "Matter".

10.20.17 Unplug and enjoy FALL weather (HW: owed work only!)

10.19.17 No new homework.  Owed work only.   Quiz given today. 10.18.17 Describing Matter assignment due tomorrow.   Study for quiz on this material also!  Reading should be reviewed for the quiz - use Google Classroom "Science Reading Room" Describing Matter  

10.17.17   Describing Matter P. 1&2 only  Use Science Reading Room "Describing Matter" first  This assignment is due on THURSDAY   

 10.16.17 Density conclusion paragraph due tomorrow.



Wednesday 12/6: Research Doc (in Google Classroom) is due on Monday 12/11. Project is due Dec 18.