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Sapphire Team Homework





Thursday, 10/18: Page 26 #'s 8-21

Wednesday, 10/17: (Periods C,D, F only) Finish "Try This" and "Reflect" problems on Page 24

All Classes: Page 23 #'s 2, 3, 5-7

Tuesday, 10/16: Have a great night!

Monday, 10/15: Study for Operations of Decimals Test... Test tomorrow (Be certain to study the Practice Test from class today)

Friday, 10/12: Begin studying for Operations of Decimals Test (You should study the decimal section of the Interactive notebook, previous quizzes and homework problems. ) On Monday there will be a Practice Test so you know even more specifically what to expect on Tuesday.




October 19  Measurement quiz on "Measurement - A Common Language" Use your packet to study!  Owed work due on Monday! No new homework.

October 18 Finish Measurement Packet tonight - due tomorrow

October 17 Finish through Question 28 in Measurement packet given on Monday.   The Textbook reading is in the Science Reading room.

October 16 Finish through Question 21 in Measurement packet given yesterday.  Textbook reading is in Science Reading Room.

October 12  Finish any of the following assignments that you have not turned in as of today:  In Google Classroom: Rainbow Lab Questions (now over due)

In Google Classrom: Rainbow Lab Chart/Graph (now over due) 

Paper graph of Book Genres (in your binder - Do Now section) (now over due)

Bill Nye Measurement questions. Video is on Science Web site under "Science Videos"  (now over due)

October 11 GC Final Copy of Analysis for Rainbow Lab and turn in!!

October 10 DRAFT COPY of Rainbow Lab Questions

October 9 Don't forget to read the Lab Prep sheet for our lab tomorrow.  Quick quiz will be given!

October 5 Finish any ovwed work over the long weekend. No additional homework.  Enjoy the beautiful weather!!  

October 4 Do the Conclusion (ONLY!) for the Liquid Measurement Practice Lab (Back of sheet)    We will do the graph together in class. 

October 3 Review your practice sheets for a quick quiz on Liquid Measurement using Graduated Cyliners.  Be able to identify a beaker, graduated cylinder and the meniscus.  

October 1 Graduated Cylinder Practice Sheet

September 28 Finish Saving Fred if you did not turn it in today!  Due Monday (late!!)

September 26: Saving Fred - finish the DRAFT sequence of your steps to save Fred.  Finish the questions if you did not do so in class today.  Final copy of steps, scientifically labeled, written description, and questions completed are due on FRIDAY.

September 25: Owed work only (test was given today). 

September 24: Qualitative and Quantitative Observations (worksheet)  Test tomorrow. 

September 21: Observing and inferring test next week.   Begin to review your notes.   Tanks a Lot?  Check web site if interested.  Unplug and play this weekend.   Owed work MUST be turned in by Monday for credit. 

September 19: Final copy of Observation Activity (milk and food coloring) done in class today.  Follow directions carefully! 

September 18:  Lab Safety Agreement due tomorrow !   Obswervation and Inference - Find or print a photo and glue it onto the homework sheet given in class.  Write your observations and your inferences.  Due tomorrow.  

September 14: Owed work only.  If you have been absent, please complete any owed work and turn in on Monday. Have a great weekend!

September 13: No Homework (test today)  Don't forget owed work if needed! 

September 11: Study for the Lab Safety Test on Thursday.   Use your "Class Handouts" section of your science binder.  (3 pages)

September 10: Lab Safety Do Now # 2 - 4.   Lab Safety Test Thursday - don't forget to study handouts in the "Class Handouts" section of your science binder. 

September 7: Have a great weekend.  Finish any owed work if needed.   Unplug and play - enjoy the cooler weather! 

September 6: Summer Packet Due Tomorrow!! 

September 5: Finish "Picture Yourself in Science" final copy.  Don't forget to leave a space for your photo! 

August 31 Bring in Sign snd Return (bottom of first day letter) if you haven't already done this.   Bring in science supplies: binder, looseleaf paper (15-20 sheets is plenty to start!), dividers, and composition book for class on TUESDAY. Have a GREAT long weekend!!   Nice job this week! 

August 30 Finish #4 if  you still need to (done in class on Wednesday) and turn it in tomorrow.   Sign and Return due Tuesday Sept. 4th. 

August 29 Finish #4 from our Agenda "Clearly communicate 3 things that you remember from science lessons you have had in the past".  

August 28: Sign and return due by Tuesday, Sept. 4.  Science Summer packet assignment due no later than Wednesday Sept. 5.



Friday 10/19: No Homework, Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday 10/18: None 

Wednesday 10/16: If after self-assessment of your map, there are corrections you would like to make, please complete this tonight. Otherwise, None :)

Monday 10/15: Finish Ancient Mesopotamia Map due Wednesday 

Wednesday Oct 10: Finish/Redo FlipGrid Video from class today. Also, start to study for Quiz on Agriculture/Geography of Mesopotamia on Monday 10/15

Tuesday Oct 9: Have FlipGrid Permission Slip Signed if not done already. 

Friday Oct 5: Have FlipGrid Permission Slip Signed

Thursday Oct 4: Finish Ancient Agriculture Assignment posted in Google Classroom- Please be sure to turn in this assignment when you are done. 

Monday Oct 1: Study for GRAPES Quiz Wednesday 10/3 (Please bring study materials to class). 

Friday Sept 28:Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday Sept 26 and Thursday Sept 27: None 

Tuesday Sept 25- "Part 4 Written Interpretation and Part 5 Reflection" Packet due Tomorrow Wed. 9/26

Monday Sept 24- "Part 4 Written Interpretation and Part 5 Reflection" Packet Due Wednesday 9/26

Friday Sept 22- Have a fantastic weekend. 

Thursday Sept 20- Finish Debate Prep we started in class (Write notecards, practice what you're going to say- our debate is tomorrow!)

Wednesday Sept 19- Finish History Mystery Chart Pages 7-8

Tuesday Sept 18- Missing/Owed Work Only 

Monday Sept 17- Complete Ancient Civilizations Timeline (aka Time and Space Timeline) due Tomorrow

Friday Sept 14- Complete Ancient Civilizations Timeline (aka Time and Space Timeline) due on Tuesday

Thursday Sept 13- Study for Quiz tomorrow, Bring study materials to class! Also, please complete Time and Space worksheet if not completed during class

Tuesday Sept 11- Study for Quiz Friday- Bring study materials to class on Friday 

Monday Sept 10- Study for Quiz Friday (Study Guide Given out in Class today) You must bring your study materials to class on Friday 

Friday, Sept 7- Finish Student Survey if not completed during class

Tuesday Sept 4- Finish Map of the Ancient World. Summer Learning Packet due Friday 9/7

Friday August 31- Materials and Signatures due Next Tuesday 9/4. Summer Learning Packet due next Friday 9/7

Thursday August 30- Materials and Signatures due Next Tuesday 9/4 Summer Learning Packet due next Friday 9/7

Wednesday August 29- Materials and Signatures due Next Tuesday 9/4