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Sapphire Team Homework

LANGUAGE ARTS: At least 20 minutes of reading nightly.

Charge your Chromebook nightly.

Monday, 6/4: 1 typed page of creative story in Google Classroom due Wednesday

Wednesday, 5/30: Argument Essay due Monday...Turned Google Classroom.

Tuesday, 5/29: Finish the 1st graphic organizer ICE for tomorrow. This is the one where we color coded the "C" box.

Wednesday, 5/23: Finish active reading through Source F for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 5/22: Finish active reading Source B for tomorrow.



Thursday, 6/7

  • Finish Pages 147 - 149 in "On Core" Math Book
  • Retake Quizzes for the Equations, Tables, Graphs and Inequalites Quiz will be given during class tomorrow

Monday, 6/4

  • Problem Solving Connection on Pages 107 and 108 in "On Core" Math Book

Friday, 6/1

  • Finish Graphing Inequalites Practice Sheet, if necessary
  • Study for Equations, Tables, Graphs and Inequalities Quiz... Quiz Monday

Thursday, 5/31

  • Finish Pages 105 and 106 in "On Core" book, if necessary

Wednesday, 5/30

  • Solving Inequalities Practice Sheet (both sides)

Tuesday, 5/29

  • Page 104 #'s 1-10 in the "On Core" Math Book





6.13.18  Have a great summer!   

6.8.18 Enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors!!  No new homework.

6.5.18 Owed work only.   Field trip tomorrow - lunch, sneakers, and sweatshirt or light jacket.

6.4.18 Finish class work (blue sheet: Symbiosis) and study for quiz tomorrow.   Use your resources including uploaded text in Google Classroom.

6.1.18 Owed work must be turned in on Monday.

5.31.18 Finish "Tagging the Humble Herring" final copy if not completed during Interventions today.

5.30.18 Finish 2 questions about your camouflaged wolf. 

5.25.18 Owed work only.  Have a great weekend! 

5.24.18 No homework - Art Show Tonight!

5.23.18 No homework - Band Concert tonight!

5.22.18 Finish class work (Peppered Moth Activity) if you didn't finish in class today.   

5.21.18 Peppered Moth Activity Questions 1,2

5.18.19 No homework - owed work only.  Have a great weekend! 

5.16.18 Make study cards for the Biodiversity quiz on Friday. Points will be given for study cards that are COMPLETE (due on Friday).  


5.15.18 Finish EEK! Dichotomous Key

5.14.18 EEK! Dichotomous Key : Identify 1-20 (aquatic creatures)  River Reflections were collected today.   If you did not turn it in, please do so as soon as possible.  Points will be deducted for each day it is late.  Biodiversity quiz Friday! 

5.11.18 Finish River Reflection (both sides) if you did not turn it in today.  Owed/missing work must be turned in on Monday as those assignments will be CLOSED.    

5.10.18  Finish ONE side of your River Reflection completely for homework if you have not done so already.  You will have time to complete the second side tomorrow in class.   (If you are absent tomorrow (Friday), your final copy is due on Monday!)  Finish your biodiversity packet if not already done. Begin to study for a quiz next week! 

5.7.18 Finish "Fashion a Fish" questions #1-7.   (If you presented today you do not have to do Question #7 if not done already.)

4.27.18 Field trip information letter sent home.  Please share with your family! 

4.23.18 Welcome back!  Finish "Biotic and Abiotic Factors" (Venn Diagram) and questions (due tomorrow). Salmon field trip permission slips due tomorrow!

4.10.18 Salmon Field Trip permission forms due Tuesday, April 24th.  We will complete presentations on Monday when we return from vacation.  Have a GREAT week!



Wednesday 5/30: None (Optional Extra Credit Assignment: Greek Gods/Godesses Crossword due Friday)

Tuesday 5/29: None (Missing Work Only)

Thursday 5/24 & Friday 5/25: Final Draft of Essay due Tuesday 5/29

Wednesday 5/23: Finish Conclusion in Graphic Organizer (and fix intro and other areas based off feedback) 

Tuesday 5/22: Finish Introduction in Graphic Organizer 

Monday- 5/21: Finish Body Paragraphs in Graphic Organizer - (We will no longer use Thesis Practice Doc)

(Thursday and Friday- None)

Wednesday 5/16: Finish Alexander the Great Thesis Practice doc in Google Classroom