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Sapphire Team Homework

CLASS SELECTION, PTA, and PLANNER ORDER SHEETS WENT HOME MAY 30th. Please return as soon as possible!

LANGUAGE ARTS: At least 20 minutes of reading nightly.

Wednesday, 6/7: Finish "Inference Response" doc. Finish any work you were told to revisit.

Tuesday, 5/30: In Notes section of binder: What is a "blue norther"? Define.

Friday, 5/26: same

Thursday, 5/25: ICE paragraph for "Young Run" and the doc for "Older Run" due by Tuesday, May 30th (TURNED IN).

Wednesday, 5/24: Explore the quizlet website. What are the ways you can use this website to help you study?

Monday & Tuesday,T 5/22-5/23: 20+ minutes of reading; Scholastic book orders due 5/25.

Tuesday, 5/16: 5 vocab cards due Thursday for "The Home Wreckers"

Monday, 5/15: Find the part of speech of each vocab word (5 in all).  How does this word function in this sentence in this chapter? Write the page number as well.

Thursday, 5/11: Finish your graphic organizer.

Wednesday, 5/10: Finish editing your essay (what you have finished so far) for: consistent past tense of verbs, pronoun alignment, and overused word replacement

Thursday, 5/4: At least 20 minutes of outside reading.

Tuesday, 5/2: Complete doc "Joy" on adult dog names and what each taught the puppies.

Monday, 5/1: Work on notes for Athens / Sparta essay.

Friday, 4/28: Review and revise last night's paragraph. Finish the paragraph from class today.

Thursday, 4/27: At the bottom of your doc (underneath your chart), choose one main topic (from the middle of your chart) and type a paragraph proving how cost or nutrition or ingredients = BETTER in Twinkies or Devil Dogs.

Tuesday, 4/25: Twinkies vs. Devil Dogs   3 reasons why

Monday, 4/24: Bring a reading book, earbuds or headphones, and a pen/pencil to testing tomorrow. Define "argument."  Name three topics or places where you can use this term.

Tuesday, 4/11: 5 vocab cards due Thursday. Remember to put your initials on each card.

Monday, 4/10: 5 vocab definitions in Classroom doc

Thursday, 4/6: Finish your reflection in your Google doc for Chapter 2 Woodsong.




We will be using colored pencils and glue sticks frequently in math class. It would be great if you could bring these items with you to math class:o)

Monday, 6/5

Finish Pages 97-99 "Try This" and "Reflect" Questions, if necessary

Thursday, 6/1

Study for Math Test on Solving One-Step Equations. Test Tomorrow

Wednesday, 5/24

Finish Solving Multiplication and Division Equations worksheet

Tuesday, 5/23

Finish Page 96 #'s 1-16 in your "On Core" book, if necessary

Monday, 5/22

Solving One-Step Adding and Subtracting Equations Worksheet (solve and check all problems)


Finish #'s 1-21 on the back of the White Solving Equations Notes paper, if necessary

Thursday, 5/18

Finish Page 92 #'s 1-18



June 7  No Homework   Field Trip tomorrow - don't forget your lunch!

Monday June 5   If you were absent on Friday please complete the "Types of Symbiosis" sheet.   Test given in class today.  No new homework. 

Friday June 2: Test on Monday.  Study guide was given out and reviewed in class today  It is also posted in Science Reading Room.  Packet of materials was given out on Tuesday, due today (Friday June 2)  If you did not have yours on Friday, it must be checked in on Monday.  All owed work including assignments in  Google Classroom MUST be done AND turned in by Monday.  

Friday May 26: Virtual Lab Questions for the Abiotic Virtual (Fish) Lab are due by Tuesday if you have not already submitted them. Abiotic Virtual Lab used for this is on the Science Resource Page.  It can also be accessed using the link in your Google Calendar.  The document to complete the chart and questions for the lab is in your Google Classroom.  No additional homework if you are all caught up. Have a great weekend!  

Thursday May 25: Review your assignment "Macroinvertebrate Sample Summary using Pollution Tolerance Index as discussed in class today.   (This was due yesterday and edited in class today.).  Edit and proofread CAREFULLY.  This assignment MUST be turned in before tomorrow.  

Wednesday May 24 . Field trips postponed until next week (Wed 5/31and Thurs 6/1) .  

Monday, May 22: Write your summary paragraph in Google Classroom using the data collected in the macroinvertebrate lab today.  This summary is due Wednesday.     

May May 19  No extra homework.  Have a great weekend - congratulations to the students in the play!

May17  Field Trip forms were due today....last call tomorrow!!!!!   Finish class work - questions for Fish Metabolism Lab

May 16 Field trip forms are due tomorrow!!    Finish any late/missing work. No additional homework. 

May 15  Salmon Release Field Trip Permission Slips due by Wednesday.  Please remember to bring them in!     Finish "Can you hide an animal in plain sight?" questions 1, 2 (Paper whales activity)

May 12:  Please bring in Salmon Release Field Trip Permission slips if you have not already done so. CRASH: A Tale of Two Species was due yesterday.  If you still have not done it, it must be turned in no later than Monday morning.  No additional homework.  Get caught up if needed and have a great weekend!   

May 11  Field Trip Permission Slips due ASAP    Questions: Can you hide an animal in plain sight?  Due tomorrow. 

May 10 - Finish Questions for "Crash: A Tale of Two Species" in Google Classroom and submit.  Bring paper copy in to class tomorrow. 

May 9: Salmon field trip forms were sent home today.  Per F and Per G science will be going on the trip Thursday May 25.  Per C and Per D science will be going on the trip Friday May 26.  Please read the letter and information sent home and share it with your parent/guardian.  Please bring in permission and $3. donation ASAP.  Thank you! 

May 8:  Any "last minute" T shirt orders may be turned in to Mrs. Ripley by the END OF HOMEROOM tomorrow morning.  There will be no reorders and there will be no extension of this deadline!   Forms are available on the Science Home Page

May 2: Salmon Life Cycle Illustration with 1-2 sentence explanation due Thursday

May 1: Journal Entry with labeled, color illustration. Finish Abiotic Vs. Biotic Factors (Venn diagram and 2 questions) if not done already.  It was collected in class today.  Salmon T Shirt Order Forms were given out today.  Monday, May 8 is deadline (no reorders or exceptions!)  Form is attached to science web site if you need another one! 

April 24:  No homework.  Rest and eat a good breakfast for PARCC testing tomorrow. 

 April 13: Have a great vacation!    Make up work during vacation, if needed.   

April 11: QUIZ tomorrow.  Reading "Life Cycle of Salmon" in Google Classroom.  Know the "bold faced" words for quiz tomorrow as demonstrated in class today. You will be given a word bank, but need to know the meaning for each word. Use the sentences  (context clues) for meaning.

April 10 Finish salmon journal entry started in class.  Due tomorrow. 

April 5: NO or OWE   If you OWE work, get it done for tomorrow.   If you don't OWE work, then you have No homework.  Enjoy the gorgeous weather!


Friday 6/9: You may take home your SS binder and leave it at home. Please remember to bring in your "Design Your Own Civilization" Packet to school. 

Tuesday 6/6: No homework- Don't forget our field trip to Stadium Theater is on Thursday, don't forget to bring a bag lunch!

Monday 6/5: Missing work due by tomorrow 

Friday  6/2: Finish Rome Map

Tuesday 5/30: "Where was the Roman Empire?" Questions an a worksheet given out in class today. Please answer the questions in complete sentence on a separate piece of white lined paper. This assignment is due tomorrow and will be handed in during homeroom before students go on the Salmon Field Trips. 

Friday 5/26: Finish Achievements Summary in Google Classroom using your blue brainstorm paper if not completed by the end of today's school day. (Students were given yesterday and today's class and interventions to work on the assignment and should be close to finishing)

Wednesday 5/24 & Thursday 5/25: Any/all missing work is due Friday!

Tuesday 5/23:  Direct Democracy Exit Slip Final Copy in Google Classroom due tomorrow 

Monday 5/22: Finish Direct Democracy Exit Slip Final Copy in Google Classroom due on Wedensday 

S.S. Retake Policy:

1. Students who scored under an 80 may retake the assessment to earn up to an 80.

2. Parent signature needed on the original assessment.

3. Students must complete corrections to their original assessment.

4. Study materials must be presented to me when asking for a retake.

5. All work prior to assessment must be completed.