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Sapphire Team Homework


LANGUAGE ARTS: At least 20 minutes of reading nightly.

Scholastic Book Orders: 4 book clubs are available for the month of October. I will be making more frequent orders so students aren't waiting a month for their books. The first order will be on October 10th. The second order will be on October 17th. Also, please review your child's selections to guide him/her in topic/content.

Tuesday, 10/17: Final Draft of Reflection Paragraph - Handwritten - Due on Thursday (blue or black ink).

Monday, 10/16: Write a one paragraph (5-6 sentence minimum) reflection based on today's readings: "The Grand Tour" and "The Performance Space."

Friday, 10/13: 5 vocabulary definitions in the HW section of your binder

Thursday, 10/12: 5 character trait sentences for August/Auggie

Wednesday, 10/11: 3 poem titles

Tuesday, 10/10: Next Book Order is October 17th. Finish reading comprehension questions. Finish vocab application assignment from Friday.

Friday, 10/6: The quiz has been moved to Tuesday so all classes have equal time. No new homework! Enjoy the longer weekend!

Thursday, 10/5: Vocab Quiz Tomorrow. Study the highlighted words from your pre-quiz today.

Wednesday, 10/4: STUDY GUIDE 1 for Friday's vocab quiz

Tuesday, 10/3: Edit Mrs. Price haiku for adjectives, strong verbs, and sound words. Vocab Quiz Friday.  Be able to apply the words in context. Look over 5 vocab cards and words for "Mummy No.1770."

Monday, 10/2: Work on a rough draft haiku for Mrs. Price. REMEMBER: Speaking from the first person point of view brings the audience close to the action.

Friday, 9/29: Edit Rachel haiku poem.

Thursday, 9/28: Edit Rachel haiku poem.

Wednesday, 9/27: *Missing Work   *Work on haiku poem for Rachel (Use last night's homework as a helper.)

Tuesday, 9/26: HW section of binder: 5 character trait sentences for the main character, Rachel. Ex: Rachel is a _________________ (adjective) person because ________________________.  What happens in the text to help us understand our main character?




Operations of Decimals Test on Monday, 10/16

"The Math Market" is due on Tuesday, 10/31

  • "Shopping Scenarios" Page is due by Thursday, 10/05
  • "Decsions, Decisions" Page is due by Wednesday, 10/11
  • "Shopping for the Week" Page is due by Friday, 10/13
  • "More Problem Solving Scenarios" Page is due by Tuesday, 10/17
  • "Reading the Receipts" Page is due by Thursday, 10/19
  • "Estimating Sums & Differences" Page is due by Monday, 10/24
  • "Estimating Sums & Differences at the Grocery Store" Page is due by Wednesday, 10/26
  • "Sale, Sale, Sale!" Page is due by Friday, 10/28
  • "Sale, Sale, Sale! Rounding Decimals Data Reflection" Page is due by Tuesay, 10/31

Thursday, 10/19

  • Finish GCF Practice Sheet
  • Work on "Estimating Sums & Difference" in "The Math Market"... due Monday, 10/23

Wednesday, 10/18

  • Finish Page 26 (This was started in class with partners)
  • Finish "Reading the Receipts"... due Tomorrow
  • Finish (if necessary) / double check the "Do Now" from the past 7 days... it will be collected tomorrow

Tuesday, 10/17

  • Finish "Try This" and "Reflect" problems on Page 24, if necessary
  • Page 26 #'s 1-7
  • Work on "Reading the Receipts"... due Thursday

Monday, 10/16

  • Finish "More Problem Solving Scenarios" in "The Math Market" by tomorrow

Friday, 1013

  • Work on "More Problem Solving Scenarios" in "The Math Market"... due Tuesday, 10/17
  • Study for "Operations of Decimals Test"... Test Monday

Thursday, 10/12

  • Finish "Setting Goals", if necessary
  • "Gifts from Grandma"
  • Finish "Shopping for the Week" in "The Math Market"



10.19.17 No new homework.  Owed work only.   Quiz given today. 10.18.17 Describing Matter assignment due tomorrow.   Study for quiz on this material also!  Reading should be reviewed for the quiz - use Google Classroom "Science Reading Room" Describing Matter  

10.17.17   Describing Matter P. 1&2 only  Use Science Reading Room "Describing Matter" first  This assignment is due on THURSDAY   

 10.16.17 Density conclusion paragraph due tomorrow.

10.13.17 No homework - have a great weekend!

10.12.17 Owed work due tomorrow.   Bring your calculator to science class tomorrow. 

10.11.07  Go to the Science Reading Room and complete the Google Form that is assigned to you there  (Triple Beam Balance questions)      

10.10.17 Virtual Triple Beam Balance Practice (Link is on the Science Resource Page).  On a piece of notebook paper record each of the objects (#1-14) and the mass measurement.   

10.5.17  No new homework.  Owed work only. If you have been absent or are missing work, please complete it tonight!  

10.4.17  Read "Phase change 1: Changing States of Matter on

10.3.17  Read "Matter is All Around You"  - page 1 on (ifyou go to science home page and then to student resource page, you'll find the tab for chem4kids there, too!  

10:2:17  Exit Slip Google Forms (in Google Classroom)

9.29.17  Owed work only.   Enjoy some outdoor time this weekend if you can! 

9.28.17 Owed work is due tomorrow!   Bring your beautiful new Chromebook fully charged for tomorrow! 

9.27.17 Finish Observe and infer Q 1, 2, 3

9.26.17 Finish summary of STEM Tennis Ball Challenge

9.25.17 Observation vs. Inference Questions 1, 2, 3 ONLY due tomorrow.  

9.22.17  Lab Report#1 due Monday   Have a great weekend! 

9.21.17 Lab Report #1 due Monday, Sept 25th.  P.1 Cover Page, P.2 Purpose, Materials, Procedure (PMP), P. 3 Final copy of chart and graph, P. 4 Concusion questions    Staple together with one staple in the top left corner.   

9.20.17 Do final copy chart and graph on paper given out in class today.m Use "Elements of a Graph" in your binder to be sure you have all the parts of your graph. 

9.19.17 Complete lab questions #1, 2, 3 on the BACK of the paper given out in lab today.  You do NOT need to complete the chart or the graph on the front, we will do that together in class. Nice job in lab today!!  

9.18.17 Finish graph and questions.  Use "Elements of a Graph" as your guide.   Try it!  

9.15.17 "Unplug and Play"   Get outside this weekend (30 minutes or more!) and play.  Enjoy the outdoors.  What do you hear, see, or smell?  Get some fresh air and have a great weekend!    

As needed, finish any missing work (if have you been absent, etc) 


 9.14.17   QUICK quiz tomorrow.    Know what the meniscus is and how to read a graduated cylinder (as we did in class today). Review the class handout. 

9.12.17 Lab Safety Test Tomorrow (Study 2 Handouts)  A link to the slides shown and discussed in class are at the bottom of the

Science Home Page:

9.11.17 Sign and Return Lab Safety Agreement

9.8.17  Finish "Build and Eclipse" illustrations and questions if you did not finish in class!   Have a great weekend!! 

9.7.17 If you owe work (absent, etc) please catch up.  Summer Packets have been collected and are now OVERDUE.  Please complete if you have not done so already. No additional homework tonight!   


9.6.17  Rubber Band Activity "Working Cooperatively to Achieve a Goal"  Do questions 1 and 2 ONLY for class discussion tomorrow.  

9.5.17 Finish organizing binder and Science Journal at home if you did not finish in class today.  Summer Packet due tomorrow! 

8/30  Please have science welcome letter signed and returned by Friday, Sept. 1  

Summer Packet due no later than Wednesday September 6th Science Bring science materials - binders, dividers, composition book, etc to class on Tuesday. We will organize binders together in class.


Thursday 10/19: Study for GRAPES of Mesopotamia Quiz Next Wednesday 10/25

Wednesday 10/18: No Social Studies HW

Tuesday 10/17: Finish Exit Ticket on Google Classroom if not completed during class or interventions

Monday 10/16: Finish Mesopotamia Map if not completed during class. 

Tuesday 10/10-Thursday 10/12: Study for quiz Friday- Please bring study materials to class. 

Tuesday 10/10: "A Rich Land" Reading and Questions given out today during class. Also, study for Quiz on Friday (Study guide has been posted in Google Classroom, please be sure to bring study materials to class on Friday) 

Friday 10/6: Finish Ancient Agriculture in Google Classroom if not completed during class.