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Sapphire Team Homework


LANGUAGE ARTS: At least 20 minutes of reading nightly.

Thursday, 2/15: Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday, February 22. A study guide was streamed to you in Google Classroom. This guide has all 30 words and definitions. Flashcards are now for homework and not classwork.

Wednesday, 2/14: Study vocab definitions in 2 Google docs for Ch 4 and Ch 5. Making notecards can help you. Use the definitions reviewed under the Elmo in class.

Tuesday, 2/13: Type a synonym in a different color next to each vocab word for Ch4 and Ch5.

Friday, 2/9: Put bullet points of Ch 4 into a summary paragraph.

Wednesday, 2/7: one paragraph summary of Chapter 3 from your notes and memory

Tuesday, 2/6: Vocab 1-10 due tomorrow. Finish Ch 2 Thought Log for tomorrow.

Monday, 2/5: Vocabulary 1-10 due Wednesday.

Wednesday, 1/31: Finish Thought Log Ch1 for Friday.

Monday, 1/29: Possessive Pronouns sheet due Wednesday.

Thursday, 1/25: 5 Possible Sentences

Wednesday, 1/24: Complete the prompt question from class along with the homework question: Were you satisfied? Bring to Socratic Seminar tomorrow.



Thursday, 02/15

  • Get caught up on any owed work. If you don't owe anything, you have no homework tonight:o)

Wednesday, 02/14

  • Lesson 27 Problem Set #'s 1 and 2

Tuesday, 02/13

  • Percents Word Problems Practice Sheet

Monday, 02/12

  • Study for Percents Quiz.. Quiz Tomorrow (Be sure to review / study the practice quiz from today's Class)
  • There is an additional practice quiz online in your Google Classroom. Take the quiz as extra practice... the best way to study for math is to practice, practice, practice!!!!

Thursday, 02/08

  • Finish Fractions, Decimals and Percents Circle
  • Finish / Doube Check Fraction, Decimals and Percents Tables "Do Now". I am collecting them tomorrow

Wednesday, 02/07

  • Finish Lesson 26 Problem Set

Tuesday, 02/06

  • Understanding Percents Practice Sheet (Page 97) #'s 1-14




2.16.18 Finish ICE paragraph (Rock Climber) and Classifying Rocks (JASON assignment) if you have not done so already. Remember to turn in your ICE draft when you return on Wednesday if you have not already done so. Complete all missing work! Have a great long weekend!!   

2.15.18 Study - Metamorphic Quiz tomorrow!

2.14.18   Do P. 344 (Review Sheet)  Study guide is in Science Reading Room.   Quiz Friday.

2.12.18 Read Metamorphic Rock in Science Reading Room.  ICE Paragraph (Rock Climbers) due no later than Thursday, Feb. 15th. Use your rubric before submitting! 

2.9.18 Owed work only - no new homework.

2.8.18 Do Page 330  and Study - Sedimentary Rock Quiz tomorrow. 

2.7.18 Do P. 326 - 327 (Sedimentary Rocks).  Quiz on Friday

2.6.18 Finish research and graphic organizer if needed.  Complete "I" for ICE paragraph.  

2.5.18 Read "Sedimentary Rock" and complete P. 325 due tomorrow.  Keep in mind your "Rock Climbing" choice as you read.  Use the information to help you make your decision.

2.1.18  Study for Igneous Quiz tomorrow.  Study guide and reading is in Science Reading Room in Google Classroom. 

1.31.18 Finish questions p. 319.  Study : Igneous Quiz Friday

1.30.18 Finish reading started in class "Igneous Rocks" in Science Reading Room (Google Classroom).  Do worksheeet P.318.  Igneous Quiz Friday (changed from Thursday).

1.29.18 "Ten and Ten"  Be sure you have completed your 10 rock characteristic descriptions AND your 10 detailed, color illustrations for tomorrow.   

1.25.18 Owed work only.  Enjoy your weekend!!  

1.24.18 Finish the illustrations for the rock observations done in class today.  Use your sketch as well as your written description to complete the details for the drawings for those rocks.  If you have been absent, you will make this up when you return.  

1.23.18 Finish Jason reading and Video, exit slip due tomorrow. 1.22.18 Finish class work. Straw Rocket Lab questions AND graph due tomorrow.

1.19.18 Finish questions for Straw Rocket Lab if you did not complete them in class today.  Finish the graph if you did not complete it already.  All due Monday.

1.18.18 Finish Graph of Straw Rocket Lab

1.17.18 Owed work only. Tomorrow is the final day for late or missing work!!

1.16.18 Finish Virtual Lab - Energy Transformation (recording sheet was given out in class)

1..12.18 Finish graph and graph checklist.  Finish Lab Questions in Google Classroom(missing work) if needed. 

1.11.18 Finish graph of Bouncing  Ball Lab.  Use the checklist given in class to check your work. 

1.10.18 Bouncing Ball Lab Questions #8,9 due tomorrow.

1..9.18 Bouncing Ball Lab Questions #5-7 due tomorrow.  Don't forget - use your data to support your answers!

1.8.18 Bouncing Ball Lab Questions #1-4 due tomorrow.  Don't forget to use your data to support your answers! 

1.3.2018 Quick Quiz tomorrow.  You will need to know:


  • What is energy?

  • What is potential energy?

  • What is kinetic energy?

  • Identify examples - are they potential or kinetic?

1.2.2018  Happy New Year!  Look for 3 examples of POTENTIAL and 3 examples of KINETIC energy at home. Write them on a full size piece of paper.   Can you find TRANSFERS of energy?



Thursday 2/15: Finish Ancient China Timeline (due tomorrow)

Week of Monday 2/12: Study for GRAPES of China Quiz Thursday (bring study materials to class the day of the quiz)

Monday 2/12/18: Finish Ancient China Study Guide 

Friday 2/9/18: Finish India Timeline and Questions due Monday 

Week of 2/5/18: Please study for GRAPES of India Quiz on Friday, 2/9. Study guide was reviewed in class  and resources can be found in your Binder and Google Classroom. Please bring your study materials to class on Friday. 

Monday 2/5/18: Use the resources posted in Google Classroom to help you complete and correct your Galley Walk Packet. Also, please study for GRAPES of Ancient India/Indus Valley Quiz on Friday 2/9

Thursday and Friday: None

Wednesday 1/31/18: Prepare to finish your Gallery Walk Poster in class tomorrow. Ways to prepare listed in yesterday's post and reviewed in class today. 

Tuesday 1/30/18: Please prepare for our work tomorrow on our Gallery Walk Posters.      Ways to Prepare:                                    Finish, correct or clarify your research. Type/print/handwrite neatly the facts and picutres you will be including on your poster. Communicate with your partner about what was completed in class today and plans for tomorrow's class period.

Monday 1/29/18: Finish Gallery Walk Poster Research 

Friday 1/26/18: None

Thursday 1/25/18: None

Monday 1/22/18- Wednesday 1/24/18: Finish "Same Battles, Different Continents ICE Response" due Thurday 1/25