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Turquoise Team Homework

                                            Turquoise Team

Wonder Film Field Trip forms were distributed on Friday, November 17.  Please return to school ASAP. 


English Language Arts:  

 Read for at least 15 minutes


Optional Resources:


ReadWriteThink After School Resources






Due 11/28/17- Buoyancy Virtual Lab Questions-Google Classroom, Complete sentences! 

Due 11/21/17-Water Cycle in a Bag final copy. Two class days given last week to work on this assignment.

10/24/17  New Homework:Re-read Measurement HO 3 times and Note Cards--One card for each termTerm on side one, Definition on side two, Pen, Name on bottom right corner, Ziploc bag (1 qt.) to store cards, Carry to school each day for Peer Assessment, Study each night

10-16-17--Use the copy of the textbook pages to complete the guided reading packet. Due Wednesday, 10/18. Quiz 10/19. Summary to follow and review of answers on Wednesday. Study for 15 minutes each night until the quiz (review notes in guided reading packet as directed in class and planner). Two class periods have been given to work on this packet.

10/10-6-17 -Continue to work on the physical properties of matter rock samples in class on Tuesday when we return to school.. AS ANNOUNCED, your only homework this weekend is to use colored pencils to complete scientific drawings you have sketched so far. You can use your descriptions from you google assignment for drawing details. THE FINAL COPY WILL BE DUE ON WEDNESDAY, !0/11/17.

Reminder: Final copy of Rainbow Lab--due Tuesday, 10/3. Lab was Tuesday, 9/25, draft data re-written onto final copy 9/26 (class time given-finish for homework), final copy and lesson on scientific drawing 9/29 (class time given-finish for homework). Cover due today, graph lesson given, graph due tomorrow with final copy (class time given-finish for homework). {Supporting documents: elements of a good graph, analyzing a graph (Chicago temperature/precipitation), sample graph, feedback given on first graph, board notes, step by step instruction, revisions suggested by teacher while circulating through the room, materials provided}

Rainbow lab handout, Please READ the lab procedure to prepare for tomorrow's lab.

Now late: Practice lab graph (due 9/25/17Summer packet due Wed. 9/6/17, alternative assignment was given to students who are new to Smithfield Public Schools.

Social Studies: 

What is a Global Village? DUE 12-13-17

We are now moving into Ancient Egypt and the continent of Africa

Please refer to the google classroom for Social Studies:

 JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: ongoing assignment for interventions...Requirements are on Google Classroom...PHASE II has been put onto google classroom...


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