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Turquoise Team Homework

                                            Turquoise Team

 English Language Arts:  

  • Read for at least 15 minutes each night. No Reading Response Letter for June!




Igneous Rock Quiz-Wed, 3/22. See classifying rocks summary and guided reading, see board notes (bothe hand written and the copy provided in class), see igneous rocks warm-up with corrections, see igneous rock summary and guided reading. Recall the rock observations, video clips, rocks and soil lesson. Announced last week and written on white board as homework-study.

Test Wednesday, 3/8-study guide provided last week, complete definitions from your summary packet. Classifying rocks active reading due Tuesday, 3/7 and flashcards.

February Packet: by WEd. 2/22/17--pages 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,15,18 and 19! (Packet was given on 2/2/17.)

Finish Theory of Plate Tectonics and Drifting Continents review and reinforce from Thursday's class, due 2/22/17. Whole class period given to do this assignment. Finish Forces in Earth's Crust review and reinforce from today's class.

Social Studies: 

Please refer to the google classroom for Social Studies:

HW: Athens/Sparta Essay due Wednesday 5/17/17

QUIZ 5/18 Ancient Greece Map

We are currently working on a joint essay with ELA on Athens and Sparta.