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Staff Recognition

Wolf Leader of the Quarter

The 2016-2017 school year marks the third year for our Wolf Leaders of the Quarter recognition program. Faculty/Staff members are nominated by faculty and staff and selected by a committee. Faculty/Staff are nominated based on the following criteria (it is not necessary to meet all criteria):  

  • Successful Teaching (Use of practices that promote learning)
  • Civic Responsibility (Awareness and service related to community needs)
  • Perseverance (Encourages students to overcome obstacles through sustained effort)
  • Improvement and/or Growth (Devotion to student academic and/or social development)
  • Inspiration (Model and cause positive change)
  • Leadership (Ability to bring others to a common vision and goal)
  • Positive Interactions (Kindness to Wolf Pack members in all interactions)

2016-2017 Quarter Four Wolf Leader of the Quarter is Mrs. Mindy Hart

Mrs. Hart is the school secretary.

Nomination submissions: 

I have witnessed Mrs. Hart display the qualities that epitomize a GMS Leader of the Quarter just about every day.  More often than not she is juggling 2-3 tasks at once yet still finds time for whoever is in need of her attention at that moment, whether the person needs a band-aid, permission to call home, a broken chrome book fixed, athletic forms or just a listening ear.   Mindy's interactions with adults and students are kind and positive.  I have seen her encouraging students to work through a problem or an issue while often giving them advice to ponder as they do.  Mrs. Hart's ability to bring others to a common vision and goal is evident in all of her work.  She is very involved in the Gallagher  community as she helps coordinate several service projects every year.

Mindy has turned many a "blah" day for me into a better one; her "what's up Sunshine" greetings always make me smile!  It is my pleasure to nominate Mindy Hart as Wolf Leader of the Quarter.  Mrs. Hart's work ethic and overall positive attitude should be an inspiration to everyone around her.  She has helped me realize that even though things aren't always easy to deal with or accomplish, anything is possible just by adding a little bit of sunshine!