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Staff Recognition

Wolf Leader of the Quarter

The 2017-2018 school year marks the fourth year for our Wolf Leaders of the Quarter recognition program. Faculty/Staff members are nominated by faculty and staff and selected by a committee. Faculty/Staff are nominated based on the following criteria (it is not necessary to meet all criteria):  

  • Successful Teaching (Use of practices that promote learning)
  • Civic Responsibility (Awareness and service related to community needs)
  • Perseverance (Encourages students to overcome obstacles through sustained effort)
  • Improvement and/or Growth (Devotion to student academic and/or social development)
  • Inspiration (Model and cause positive change)
  • Leadership (Ability to bring others to a common vision and goal)
  • Positive Interactions (Kindness to Wolf Pack members in all interactions)

2017-2018 Quarter One Wolf Leader of the Quarter is Mrs. Cynthia Ripley
Mrs. Ripley is the sixth grade science teacher on the Sapphire team.

Nomination submissions: 

Thoughts from students:

Mrs. Ripley is so amazing.  I love her so much because she makes learning fun, and she says a lot of funny things.  She never gets mad, but the students still listen without raising her voice.  She has influenced me to learn more about science and she gets me in a good mood by being funny.

I think Mrs.Ripley should be given the award because she is very nice and also gives us many cool projects or labs such as the dry ice experiments.  Lastly, I think Mrs.Ripley should be given this award because she makes sure that everyone is caught up.  She is very understanding like, if I missed class and I had work to do, she would make me do it in steps and not just make me do it all in one night.

Mrs. Ripley has been a great teacher this year because of her sense of humor, and her kindness.  Mrs. Ripley is a great nominee because she always gets when we are having a bad day and cheers you up very easily.  Mrs. Ripley has influenced me because she is the nicest, most caring teacher in the school. She also has influenced many others to enjoy science class and nature.

She is very nice and has let us work in our groups so we can get to know everyone especially since it's our first year in middle school.  She make all the lessons fun so that they are more memorable.  She influenced me to work really hard and be kind to people.

I believe that Mrs. Ripley should be the leader of the quarter because she is kind, funny, and helped me learn!  She has helped me learn more about science its importance.  I've always been a fan of science too!

Thoughts from colleagues:

Mrs. Ripley has been a teacher in the district since 1993 and has been a science teacher at Gallagher since 1997.  She is dedicated to providing her students with the best science experience to maximize student learning. She has a great sense of humor, a willingness to go the extra mile, a great rapport with our students, an understanding of the importance of reaching out to parents and keeping them informed, the ability to deal with difficult and/or sensitive issues, and a desire to do what is necessary to get the job done. Cindy has an adventurous spirit as evidenced by her past participation in a variety of site expeditions from studying dolphins in Florida to mountain lions in Idaho.  

These opportunities have afforded her a vast array of real-life experiences to enhance her lessons and units of study.  A unit she developed several years ago in which students raise salmon and later release them in a river is still “hooking” students on science.  One of her strongest assets is her technological knowledge and skills. Cindy routinely incorporates the use of effective technology into her lessons from the use of an electronic microscope to cool science videos to Google Classroom. Many teachers in the building seek Cindy out for technological support and advice as they know she is the go to person. Her ability to ascertain the most effective technological tool for a particular learning objective is outstanding.

Cindy is a teacher leader in the science department.  Cynthia Ripley exemplifies what a highly qualified and effective science teacher should be.  Her love of learning and, in particular, science learning is contagious.  

Cindy is involved in school life outside of the classroom.  She and Mrs. Ramos were instrumental in making the Outdoor Classroom come to life.  Her dedication to Gallagher is impressive.