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Staff Recognition

Wolf Leader of the Quarter

The 2016-2017 school year marks the third year for our Wolf Leaders of the Quarter recognition program. Faculty/Staff members are nominated by faculty and staff and selected by a committee. Faculty/Staff are nominated based on the following criteria (it is not necessary to meet all criteria):  

  • Successful Teaching (Use of practices that promote learning)
  • Civic Responsibility (Awareness and service related to community needs)
  • Perseverance (Encourages students to overcome obstacles through sustained effort)
  • Improvement and/or Growth (Devotion to student academic and/or social development)
  • Inspiration (Model and cause positive change)
  • Leadership (Ability to bring others to a common vision and goal)
  • Positive Interactions (Kindness to Wolf Pack members in all interactions)

2016-2017 Quarter Three Wolf Leader of the Quarter is Mrs. Jane Ramos

Mrs. Ramos is a science teacher servicing students on the Emerald Team.

Nomination submissions: 

Mrs. Ramos is such a vital member of our GMS family; a leader who is involved, often quietly, in activities that make our school a better place.  She often takes on roles and ventures that are in addition to her teaching responsibilities.  In addition, she is dedicated to her family and friends, balancing these commitments daily with ease. 

Her classroom is always an interesting and busy place where she merges activities, labs, and technology that are always focused on student learning.  She is dedicated to her students and always “goes the extra mile” on their behalf.  She is happy to write recommendations for students who want to try new ventures and regularly takes the time to help students whenever needed.  

I understand that Mrs. Ramos helps things run smoothly, but not everyone is aware of all the things that she does here at GMS.   She has used her leadership skills for our students through so many projects and initiatives including The Jason Project and Jason Learning Initiatives,  as a Nautilus LIve/Educator Ashore working at the Inner Space Center, creating the Outdoor Design Team to build our outdoor classroom, and writing grants to bring science materials to her classroom and the school.  She  puts in many extra hours as a yearbook advisor for the 8th grade and as coach for Science Olympiad students.  Mrs. Ramos is always professional, positive, and dedicated - a true role model for the Wolf Pack teachers and students. 

Mrs. Ramos is one of those people who is always interested in learning as well as teaching.   She is an avid reader and often shares books, and articles of interest as a leader within the science department. She is always interested AND interesting and I am proud to be her colleague.  Her leadership in writing and researching science curriculum,  department meetings, workshops, conferences and more should not be overlooked.   Although she doesn’t like to draw attention to herself, you can be assured that Mrs. Ramos is always working hard on behalf of the Gallagher Community. The Wolf Pack of GMS is a better place because of her dedication to doing her best every day on behalf of our students and our school. 

I have worked with her on many initiatives, projects, and have had her own children in science class.  She has influenced me in many positive ways, but especially as a role model in the way she interacts with others.   She is always patient, respectful, and listens carefully.