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Staff Recognition

Wolf Leader of the Quarter

The 2017-2018 school year marks the fourth year for our Wolf Leaders of the Quarter recognition program. Faculty/Staff members are nominated by faculty and staff and selected by a committee. Faculty/Staff are nominated based on the following criteria (it is not necessary to meet all criteria):  

  • Successful Teaching (Use of practices that promote learning)
  • Civic Responsibility (Awareness and service related to community needs)
  • Perseverance (Encourages students to overcome obstacles through sustained effort)
  • Improvement and/or Growth (Devotion to student academic and/or social development)
  • Inspiration (Model and cause positive change)
  • Leadership (Ability to bring others to a common vision and goal)
  • Positive Interactions (Kindness to Wolf Pack members in all interactions)

2017-2018 Quarter Three Wolf Leader of the Quarter is Mrs. Robin Behringer
Mrs. Behringer is an eighth grade English language arts teacher on the Emerald team.

Nomination submissions: 

Mrs. Behringer is one of my favorite teachers.  She is an amazing teacher and definitely deserves to receive this award.  She is funny, cool, and really nice. She also has a great personality, and when we start a new topic, I'm always excited because she makes everything enjoyable.                                                                                                                                             

Mrs. Behringer is very nice and funny.  She tries her best for all of us to understand what we're learning. Mrs. Behringer is so cool and has a fun teaching ethic and she uses it very well.  She's able to teach us but still have fun with us. She's very good at her job and deserves this award.

She is always so understanding and funny. Everyday she makes my day and is just overall a great teacher.

Mrs. Behringer is a very good candidate of receiving this award because she is a terrific teacher.  She always has fun and creative lessons planned for the day and teaches us in a way that makes the class interesting.

Mrs. Behringer makes everyone want to try their best, she is always honest with everyone when it comes to their work and what they need to fix.  And, although she makes many jokes, they always have something to do with the lesson and she always makes sure everyone gets their work in on time and makes sure they do it right.  

Mrs. Behringer has influenced me to try my best.  She always sees the best in my work and puts me on the right path.  She has made me want to work hard on my work and really love learning.

Every time I have class with her I am excited to be there.  She has a positive vibe and I think it makes her a very approachable teacher.

Mrs. Behringer is an excellent teacher whose passion and enthusiasm for learning are only surpassed by her energy!  She consistently and thoroughly utilizes best practices to maximize student engagement within her classroom. Her incorporation of effective and deliberate student groupings, personalization in lesson planning that caters to student interests, integration of technology on a consistent basis, and identification of substantive group roles that provide accountability and facilitate engagement with her students, all demonstrate an idealized classroom.

Mrs. Behringer maintains a tremendous rapport with all her students, and her vibrant personality and passion for teaching develops successful relationships throughout the school community.  She routinely attends GMS extra-curricular events and activities.

Mrs. Behringer is a true leader as demonstrated by her actions.  Her bright and collegial demeanor is evident in every interaction.