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Staff Recognition

Wolf Leader of the Quarter

The 2016-2017 school year marks the third year for our Wolf Leaders of the Quarter recognition program. Faculty/Staff members are nominated by faculty and staff and selected by a committee. Faculty/Staff are nominated based on the following criteria (it is not necessary to meet all criteria):  

  • Successful Teaching (Use of practices that promote learning)
  • Civic Responsibility (Awareness and service related to community needs)
  • Perseverance (Encourages students to overcome obstacles through sustained effort)
  • Improvement and/or Growth (Devotion to student academic and/or social development)
  • Inspiration (Model and cause positive change)
  • Leadership (Ability to bring others to a common vision and goal)
  • Positive Interactions (Kindness to Wolf Pack members in all interactions)

2016-2017 Quarter Two Wolf Leader of the Quarter is Ms. Victoria Carruba

Ms. Carruba is a social studies teacher servicing students on the Sapphire Team.

Nomination submissions: 

I think Ms. Carruba should get this award because every morning when we walk into homeroom, she greets us with a smile and a "good morning".  Every day when I have social studies with her, she makes our learning fun and joyful.  Ms. Carruba shows kindness to everyone and tries to turn their day around.  She is always happy and that makes learning fun. She always makes me come in to homeroom and Social Studies with a smile on my face.

Ms. Carruba is dedicated to her students as evidenced by her commitment to improving her teaching practice, her willingness to take risks and try new strategies and techniques, and her desire to have all students experience success in her classroom.  Ms. Carruba incorporates technology into her lessons that enhances the learning experience for her students.

Ms. Carruba is an integral member of the social studies department and brings her energy and enthusiasm to their curriculum discussions.  She is a supportive colleague who is willing to assist other teachers however she can.

From Ms. Carruba’s first year with us as a long-term substitute until now, Ms. Carruba has been a driving force as one of the Wolf Pack Players’ drama coaches.  Her commitment to this program in both time and energy is unwavering.  She makes sure everyone takes the steps in the right direction!  It is with great pleasure that we select Ms. Carruba as the Wolf Leader of the Quarter.