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Hello GMS Families,

We are thrilled to announce that team assignments and student schedules are now available via the portal (in the documents tab, as a first quarter view only).  Please log in to check your child’s team assignment for the 2021/2022 school year.   If you need assistance with your portal account, please reach out to our secretary, Ms. Hart (mhart@smithfield-ps.org). 

Each team is scheduled for their own kick off orientation at the end of the month (see schedule below).  Students will have the opportunity to interact with their teammates, meet their team teachers, and get acclimated/re-acclimated to GMS.  Mark your calendars for these dates/times.  Attendance is highly encouraged!  More specific details will be shared prior to the Kickoff Days.

Team Kickoff Days

Monday, August 30 (Grade 8)

8am-11am Team Aspire 

                  Team Courage (multi-grade level)

12pm-3pm Team Imagine

Tuesday, August 31 (Grade 7)

8am-11am Team Adventure

12pm-3pm Team Spirit

Wednesday, September 1 (Grade 6)

8am-11am Team Dream

12pm-3pm Team Inspiration

We recognize that many students will be comparing their team assignments with their peers and some may be disappointed if they see that they are not on the same team as a friend.  

Please note that we will not accommodate any team changes.  There are a number of parameters that go into balancing and assigning teams.  Previously, when students learned of their team on the first day of school, we did not allow for team changes.


A few key points to know:

  • Being on a team with new peers presents opportunities for building new, and sometimes unexpected friendships.  Middle school aged children are in a constant state of flux in their social lives.  Check out this helpful article on supporting your children through social turbulence from author and school psychologist Phyllis Fagel (https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/04/health/help-teen-tweens-with-social-setbacks-wellness/index.html)

  • Unlike last year, teams will mix for lunch and explorer classes, so it is possible that there is an explorer class with an existing friend.

  • Our school counselors are always available and willing to help students as they adjust to the new school year and navigate social groups.

As a reminder, here is the school supplies list GMS School Supply List 21-22

Dr. Beauvais

Mr. Burns