School Hours


Students may be dropped off as early as 7:10am; however, students must be present in their homeroom class by 7:40am or they are considered tardy. Students who are tardy must report to the office to sign in.

Families are reminded to follow the posted morning traffic pattern ("the loop") when arriving on campus from Pleasant View Avenue. From 7:15am-7:45am, there is no left turn allowed onto the campus; instead, vehicles must turn right onto Nokomis Trail, left onto Tomahawk Trail, and left onto Arrowhead Trail, which will lead into the campus driveway after the stop sign.

In the afternoon, vehicles are not allowed to wait for dismissal on the school campus prior to 1:40pm. When arriving, please form two lanes in the first staff parking lot until directed to pull up to the curb. Per the property owner and Smithfield Police, there is no school parking/pick-up allowed in the Smithfield Plaza parking lot.